Slime Baff TV Commercial

The brief was to produce a 15 and 30 second TV commercial promoting Slime Baff as a new product. CVT studios was the perfect location for the set build, filming and editing. We also sourced the actors, voice over artist, wrote the script and designed the animated Slime Monster.

‘CVT have produced several TV commercials for Gelicity over the years and we are extremely pleased with the results of the Slime Baff ads. The campaign has proved to be a great success and was shown on both Sky and terrestrial TV.’

Frog Tape TV Commercial

We have produced several ads for Shurtape and this particular ad was designed to help launch Frog Tape Delicate as part of the product range on prime time TV.

‘We are extremely pleased with the series of commercials that CVT have produced on our behalf. They offer a professional service and deliver on time and within budget’

Gelli Snow TV Commercial

This commercial was shot on green screen at CVT Studios, Chester, in order to integrate the children successfully into the kitchen and snow scenes. We designed the snowman for the animation and used Alice Somauroo for the voice over as she was perfect for the style of the ad.

‘Again, CVT have done a great job, from concept to completion…the whole thing was effortless. I loved the way they created the interaction between the snowman and the children in the snow scene.’