At CVT Media we offer a professional, friendly video service and pride ourselves on our creativity and high production values backed up by the experience we’ve gained over many years within the industry.


We encourage creative production meetings prior to filming in order to help us understand your culture, branding and the way you think as a business. Some clients prefer to write their own scripts and we are happy to adapt or proof read as required. Alternatively, if you prefer we can use a professional script writer.


Filming can take place in our fully equipped Chester based studio (inc. green screen) or at any location worldwide. This can incorporate beautiful aerial shots and stunning time-lapse sequences plus slow motion and steadicam…these specialist filming techniques ensure high production values within your programme.


Editing takes place at CVT Studios and clients are welcome to get involved with this creative process. Our edit suite includes Final Cut Pro, Avid and After Effects for special effects. Our purpose built studios also include a dedicated sound booth with talkback for recording voice overs.

If required, we are able to source from a large selection of professional voice over artists, actors, on-screen presenters and celebrities to suit your programme…Autocue is available in house to help when reading long pieces of dialogue to camera.


We also offer a high quality bespoke photographic service focusing on your people, business, services and products. This can take place in our photographic studio or at the clients preferred location.